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We're an indie game developer based in Perth, Australia, consisting of Chris Botman + friends.

September 2013 (latest update): The alpha of Kobold Caves is out! I'll publish a roadmap soon.


Kobold Caves

Kobold Caves is a sandbox, dungeon-building game inspired by SimAnt; a fantastic, old Dungeons & Dragons module called Keep on the Borderlands; and Majesty. You look after a tribe of kobolds on a randomly generated map, however, you don't control your kobolds directly. Instead you issue orders such as dig here or attack that, which your kobolds will try their best to complete, while juggling their own needs such as food and sleep.

Kobold Caves

Play Kobold Caves


Zombie Speed Run (ZSR)

ZSR is a game I started making, basically just to make something. It's not finished, but it is playable, and will likely remain that way for a while!

Oh dear, I'm writing stuff in blood already.

The Zombie Uprising has been defeated and remaining zombies herded together... into a gauntlet! Compete in the world's newest extreme sport. The finish line is dead ahead...

Play ZSR now!

A mini-Roguelike game made in HTML5. Compete for the fastest time through the gauntlet.

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